Career Alert! ‘Only Manual Testing’ is dead, Automation Testing is the new generic

The overwhelming evolution of the software testing industry is forcing testers to continuously strive to upgrade their skills. In the last couple of years, software testers have seen the writing on the wall: as test operations grow increasingly automated, scripting skills are essential to grow your career in Software Testing. Automation testing is the new ‘necessary’ trade you at least need to know about. Software testers with manual testing skills alone won’t cut it in today’s job market. It all started with Manual Testers, but as the supply grew (it’s really crowded now) the industry needed some measure of Tester’s capability apart from Manual concepts. The easiest was of course – scripting skills – after all IT is all about that ‘lines of code’ ? and hence Automation Testing became the new ‘Generic’. The fact remains that automation testing continues to rise.

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‘Only Manual Testing’ is dead

Some say “Please don’t try and force manual testers to become programmers; all you are doing is destroying the testing profession.

The first & foremost! You need to understand that pure ‘Manual Testing’ is dead. If not dead, it won’t take you anywhere after 3 years of work experience. There is a horde of Manual Software Testers in the market (it’s a job market after all). General perception is – Software Testing doesn’t require technical skills. Result – Every Tom, Dick & Harry is pursuing a career in Software Testing. After certain time, everything becomes stagnant for them! It’s not just about ‘Career in Software Testing’, everyone needs to move out of their comfort zone once they hit the dead-end.

Currently the majority (& we mean literally) of jobs require ‘Automation’ as a must-have, even at managerial levels. Now-a-days Automation Testing is the undeclared king of QA services and remains the best way to speed release cycles (agile development), quickly test fixes (regression), and rapidly evolve code in order to catch defects and not delay deployment (continuous integration). The transition happened in the past years. Since then, demand for test automation has continued to grow, and now some teams are completely eliminating manual testers and hiring only test professionals with test automation skills. And 2017 will see a lot going this way.

‘Automation Testing’ is the new Generic

What do you prefer? As a professional – The tedious job of repeatedly executing manual regression tests OR creating automation tests that can run repeatedly without manual intervention? As an Enterprise – a professional with just manual test skills OR a professional with manual as well as automation experience? Yeah! You’re right 🙂

  • From automating the Regression test cases, clients have started exploring the various stages of test life cycle which can be automated with the right set of tools.
  • Clients are not willing to hire separate testers for creating the model and automating the test cases. Testers are now expected to understand the business, testing process and automation testing.

CTOs of the organizations are convinced that automation testing is going to give them greater benefits in squeezing the cost and time over long run. Testers who have exposure to some coding practices can better communicate with the development team and can help with both white-box and black-box testing. With so many technologies and programming languages, a newbie may feel overwhelmed. Start by developing a better understanding of the technologies, gaining basic web programming and SQL skills. If you are serious about a career in testing pick up at least one programming language,

  • SQL or relational database skills
  • Java, including J2EE and EJBs
  • Perl
  • Python
  • C/C++

There’s no denying that the industry is trending heavily toward automated testing. Testers, like any other technology professionals, need to be open to learning new skills and willing to grow and change with the times. Becoming familiar with automated testing tools and the process of creating automated tests will be a skill worth adding to a resume. The more technical and programming skills you have, the further you can go with test automation. Test automation experts are expected to give the overall automation strategy for the entire product/application life cycle – gone are the days when they were requested to automate the already finalized test cases or scenarios.

Learn Automation Testing, NOW!

It’s time for you to stop being content with the status quo and re-energize your QA career. Stop ignoring the obvious signs of danger – learn test automation and basics of programming. Specifically, the power of Open Source is being realized by enterprises across the globe, i.e. tools like Selenium, SOAP UI, Appium and JMeter.

So gear up guys & girls – don’t just sit satisfied with your ‘Manual Testing’ experience. Try & learn tools like Selenium, UFT, Load Runner, JMeter, SOAP UI, Appium, xUnit frameworks, etc. via projects, corporate trainings, online repositories, YouTube videos, tutorial books, etc.

Happy Automation Testing!!



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