No career in Software Testing? We agree to disagree!

Software Testing? Can’t you change your technology? Development is much better…A B.Sc. pass can also do Testing, do something good with your engineering degree…Testing is no more a skill set…Anyone can do that…It’s boring…At least learn Automation for survival…There is no career in Software Testing!

We agree to disagree. The sole criteria this assumption of ‘No career in Software Testing‘ is based upon is the horde of Manual Software Testers in the market (it’s a job market after all). General perception is – Software Testing doesn’t require technical skills. Result – Every Tom, Dick & Harry is pursuing a career in Software Testing. After certain time, everything becomes stagnant for them! It’s not just about ‘Career in Software Testing’, everyone needs to move out of their comfort zone once they hit the dead-end.

So what do you do?

Jack of all trades, Master of at least one!

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort. Software Testing isn’t just one single technology. It’s much more than that. Building a career in Software Testing involves stringent processes, expert communications, knack for details, business understanding, scripting knowledge, an array of different testing types like security, mobile apps, performance, cloud, etc.

Being a jack of all ‘necessary’ trades can land you a job but cannot build a great career in Software Testing. To stand out of the competition, you need to be a master of at least one! What’s that one? That depends upon your capabilities & interest – Test Management, Automation scripting, Security & Vulnerability analysis, Performance bench-marking, Mobile Apps Testing, Cloud computing, IoT applications, Database schema, anything…Choose your master wisely!

Automation Scripting: The new ‘necessary’ trade?

In the last couple of years, software testers have seen the writing on the wall: as test operations grow increasingly automated, scripting skills are essential to grow your career in Software Testing. It is the new ‘necessary’ trade you at least need to know about. It all started with Manual Testers, but as the supply grew (it’s really crowded now) the industry needed some measure of Tester’s capability apart from Manual concepts. The easiest was of course – scripting skills – after all IT is all about that ‘lines of code’ 😉 and hence ‘Automation scripting’ became the new ‘Generic’.

But it’s not all about Automation!

Testing is a skill. While this may come as a surprise to some people it is a simple fact. Yeah! I agree that automation scripting knowledge is important to distinguish your candidature but it is not everything. The ability to analyze, communicate & reason are equally important. A great Software Tester has to have many competencies – Critical thinking, Business & Architecture understanding, Domain knowledge, Tools know-how (can be acquired through relevant training & practice), Test & People Management, Test to improve attitude, etc. to build a successful career in Software Testing.

By the way, ‘Software Testing’ is NOT boring!

People say it’s boring, i.e. uninteresting, tedious or unexciting. I say anything done repeatedly will eventually be boring, and it applies to ANY technology. You need to explore & learn new things as you progress your career in Software Testing. Try asking a 3 year-old Software developer, he will tell you how boring his job has become off-lately 😉

No career in Software Testing? Share this to reclaim your Test throne!

When deciding on your career in Software Testing, keep in mind that now-a-days there are very few “pure” manual testing opportunities. Even if it is – there are practically thousands of candidates competing for it. Then where is the opportunity? It’s “Hybrid”. The jack of all manual test concepts (nothing can ever replace Manual tests, automated testing is to extend the reach of tester’s work, not to replace it) and master of at least one – automation or specialized test type!

You can be a great tester if you know programming. You can also be a great tester if you have no programming skills at all. A great tester will learn what skills he/she needs to continue to be great, in their own style.

Parting thought: Why do you think DevOps and SDET (Software Development Engineer in Test) roles came into existence?

Software testers do not make software; they only make them better. Hope to see you in a QA conference some Day! 🙂










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