The Rise Of Automation: Why Coding Is Becoming A Job For Everyone

Coding is not just for the Specialists anymore. As mobile applications and software development have become a larger player in modern business, it has become increasingly important for those who don’t have a traditional background in coding to learn basic coding techniques. Simultaneously, because of modern tech advances, it’s possible to begin to learn certain coding practices without having a deep background in the subject.

The reason this is possible is because, provided an individual knows how to find processes related to coding, it’s more possible than ever for them to apply that information. You can be an expert on everything if you know the right way to use search engines, and the information that results from concerted searches.

There are a large number of application design, maintenance, and support resources out there which are often free and easy to employ. Stackify is a great example; according to a article on monitoring IIS performance, you can easily discover: “…the basics including HTTP ping checks, IIS Application Pools, and important Windows Performance Counters.”

If you weren’t an expert before, you can use resources like this to figure out what kind of actions are most profitable for the management of IIS performance. If you’re a small business managing your own app, this is an essential ability.

Increasing Automation

Increasing specialization in terms of computerized automation takes the physical, manual labor aspect out of coding away for the most part. When monitoring, error-correction, and other operationally facilitating practices are completed, instead of modern coders writing in all the details as necessary in recent times, they can just devote an algorithm or subroutine to the task. Stackify etc. helps such users see where to start from, and how to get the “ball rolling”, as it were.

Cloud computing is another essential developing trend that increases the need for common users to have deeper programming aptitude. At the very least, those managing such apps need to learn how monitoring them is best done.

Thankfully, from just about every conceivable level, it’s possible to obtain solid metrics which indicate actions that are successful, and actions that aren’t producing the desired results. This is especially true in terms of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. You can find ROI stats very easily in this form of marketing, and that can really help streamline operational tactics.

Applications can themselves work as a means of marketing, especially if those applications take off. Imagine this scenario: you’re a small to medium-sized business, and you’re using a new app to help drive traffic. It has just launched and it’s doing well, but users start reporting an error. If you’re not monitoring, measuring, and updating based on app performance, you could lose users, and so diminish your SEO-ranking collaterally.

Staying Above Water

All that being said, if you know where to look, and how to search for the information you need, this isn’t a problem. You don’t have to be a coding specialist to do it, you just have to put the right resources to proper use. There is a bit of a learning curve, but the market is continuing to shift, and you’re going to have to tread water in terms of a continuous influx of new skill needs to keep your business afloat anyway.

It makes sense to look into coding for yourself and employees even if they haven’t traditionally got a background in it. The trend is moving that direction, and though information can always be found, if you start learning how to move within these informational channels now, you’ll likely see much more success going forward.

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